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A unique island in Indonesia

Located between touristic Bali and wild Sumbawa, Lombok island is the right holiday getaway for travellers who love nature, enjoy sport and are interested in local culture. There are many things to do in Lombok, and this diverse island offers an unspoiled yet welcoming environment that can be explored at one’s pace.


Known for its surfing spots and traditional “kampung” life, Gerupuk is a small fishermen’s village located 7 km from Kuta Lombok and less than 40 minutes drive from Lombok International Airport. This peaceful and charming village offers a privileged insight into Sasak local life; here, local people mainly rely on fishing, seaweed and lobster.


South Lombok features an incomparable multitude of beaches, particularly appreciated by international visitors for their unspoiled environment and tropical feeling. White-sand and pristine waters welcome discerning travellers who enjoy quiet beach life as well as those who are seeking adventurous encounters with the water element.


Lombok Island is a worldwide renown surfing destination. From beginner courses to pro sessions… Lombok offers all types of surfing waves you can imagine at all seasons.

Gerupuk bay is one of the best spots for Surf Indonesia and definitely the best spot for fun Surf Lombok. It caters for surfers of all levels and has waves during the whole year. From friendly waves, suitable for beginners, to stronger ones and barrels for the most adventurous pro-riders, fun in the sea is guaranteed!

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Gili Islands

Just off Lombok’s Southwest and Northwest coasts are a variety of Gili islands, real tropical pearls ideal for a single or multy-day trip where to appreciate Indonesia’s marine biodiversity. In the Southeast, Gili Gede, Gili Asahan and Gili Nanggu are the perfect destination for beach bums, honeymooners and families who love snorkelling and a peaceful atmosphere. In the Northeast, Gili Air, Gili Meno and Gili Trawangan have become popular diving destination and, especially Air and Trawangan, also offer a lively nightlife, with a variety of restaurants serving international cuisine.


Suku Sasak are Lombok island’s original people. With a population of almost 4 million, they represent the majority of today’s Lombok people. They practice a distinct form of Islam with Hindu-Buddhist influences and speak Sasak, a very ancient language with a strong literary tradition. Sasak culture is reflected in the beautiful clay earthenware pottery, which can be found in Banyumulek, Penujak and Masbagik (West and Central Lombok) and in the traditional weavings, produced in the villages of Sengkol, Sade and Pringgasela (Central and East Lombok). Primitive carvings, bamboo baskets and wooden statues are other expressions of Sasak culture in Lombok island.


You cannot say you have appreciated Indonesia’s natural wonders if you have not climbed at least one of its many volcanoes. With almost 130 active volcanoes scattered around the archipelago, volcanoes are a typical feature of Indonesia’s landscape. Mount Rinjani in Lombok island is the second highest volcano in Indonesia at 3,726 m…

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