Cultural Sasak Experience

Lombok's traditional lifestyle


Suku Sasak are Lombok island’s original people. With a population of almost 4 million, they represent the majority of today’s Lombok people. They practice a distinct form of Islam with Hindu-Buddhist influences and speak Sasak, a very ancient language with a strong literary tradition.

Sasak culture is reflected in the beautiful clay earthenware pottery, which can be found in Banyumulek, Penujak and Masbagik (West and Central Lombok) and in the traditional weavings, produced in the villages of Sengkol, Sade and Pringgasela (Central and East Lombok). Primitive carvings, bamboo baskets and wooden statues are other expressions of Sasak culture in Lombok island.

Sasak traditional lombok

Sasak Architecture

A special mention deserves Sasak architecture, which is mainly known for the Lumbung padi. Traditionally used as rice barns, they feature a unique thatched roof touching the ground. This structure has become a style of contemporary vernacular architecture and has been adopted for the design of tourist bungalows and private houses.

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sasak architecture