Water Front Rooms

Lombok Surf Accommodation

If what you are looking for is a smaller place, a little bit more modest, or the perfect Lombok Surf accommodation, the Water front rooms are the best option for you.

Located right under the Studio Apartment and next to the Shake & Bake Bakery, the Water Front Rooms are perfect for those who want to live the unforgettable “kampung” experience with all its beauty. With high speed internet access, aircon, hot water, and a working desk, the rooms are perfectly equipped and designed to have a nice stay in front of the access to the waves.

WWater Front rooms - Lombok surf accomodation

High Speed Internet Access

Work from home or connect with your friends while in Lombok.

Hot Water

Enjoy a warm shower after the surf.

Bakery breakfast

Get your freshly baked and healthy breakfast for just 5$

Working Desk

A spacious desk for your perfect working holidays in Lombok.

Water Front

Right next to Gerupuk’s harbour and close to many wonderful beaches on the area.

Air Conditioning / Fan

When the sun is too much, you’ll find an oasis at home.

Room Rates

A night

Ready to Book?

Make now your booking and pay for it when your request is approved

Unfortunately, since our Water Front Rooms have so many walk ins, no online booking is allowed for them.
But you can make a reservation calling Man at both these numbers: