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Lombok Surf

Lombok Island is a worldwide renown surfing destination. From beginner courses to pro sessions… Lombok surf offers all types of surfing waves you can imagine at all seasons.

Gerupuk bay is one of the best spots for Surf Indonesia and definitely the best spot for fun Surf Lombok. It caters for surfers of all levels and has waves during the whole year. From friendly waves, suitable for beginners, to stronger ones and barrels for the most adventurous pro-riders, fun in the sea is guaranteed.

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Surfing in Lombok Indonesia

South Lombok has many other surf breaks a few km away from Gerupuk, such as Are Guling, Ekas, Serangan, Mawi and Selong Blanak.

Are Gouling:

Located on the west side of Kuta Lombok, Are Guling offers a beautiful right hand reef break with outstanding views of the bay. You can access both by boat or land. This break is one of the best right hander on the South Coast. Mid to low tides can see the inside section doubling up and barreling. A left hander on the other side of the bay is surfable, though only when its small. Need a north-west wind, most common from October to April. Are Guling can hold 8-10ft when perfect, but is best at 4-6ft.


Located 20 minutes west of Kuta not only Mawi is a beautiful beach for all kinds of visitors but also on small swell days, this reef break offers a nice peak with short hollow rights and lefts. Best on mid tides and a south east trade wind, from May to September. Mawi can hold any size you’re prepared to surf, just need to be BRAVE!

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Ekas Bay:

Located East of Gerupuk you can access to this amazing natural reserve peninsula with boat or by road. Ekas can be very windy and is the perfect spot for Kite Surfing. As well this bay is home to two surf spots:

Outside Ekas: a left-hander that works well with 5-10ft. Best on mid to high tides and a south east wind. The wave can have huge drops, long open face to carve and so much power to spare.

Inside Ekas: Located further inside this is a fun peak that can handle real size. Needs a big swell (12fl plus), low tide and south east winds, but when it works it can offer very long rides and barrels on the inside of the right.

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Desert point:

Lombok surf is also home for Desert Point, elected the Best Wave in the World by Tracks Magazine, a home for experience surfers who want to ride the barrel of their lifetime.

Located on the South West Coast of Lombok, 3 hours drive from Gerupuk, when it works normally from May till October, Desert Point offers the longest cleanest barrels you have ever seen. Even if you don’t dare to jump in the water the vibe is always great and you get to see some amazing rides. Barrels of 20 seconds have been filmed there and 10 second tubes are common. It works well with big swells, south east winds and full or new moon low tides.

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Accommodations in Lombok:

Our Lombok accommodations are located around Gerupuk bay, which is one of the best surfing spots on the island, with numerous waves you can be sure that almost every day there are perfect conditions at some point of the bay. Also we can help you with surfing equipment and classes booking, with the most reliable providers of the island.

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