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Gerupuk Lombok

Known for its surfing spots and traditional “kampung” life, Gerupuk Lombok is a small fishermen’s village located 7 km from Kuta Lombok and less than 40 minutes drive from Lombok International Airport. This peaceful and charming village offers a privileged insight into Sasak local life; here, local people mainly rely on fishing, seaweed and lobster culture and surf tourism and you will easily make local friends on your way to the waves or to the local market. Gerupuk friendly local people and laid-back traditional Sasak way of life have been attracting foreign visitors for many years and in this welcoming kampung you will find all the basic necessities you will need during your stay.

Gerupuk lombok

Surfing spots in Gerupuk

Gerupuk bay is one of the best spots for Surf Indonesia and definitely the best spot for Fun Surf Lombok. It caters for surfers of all levels and has waves during the whole year. From friendly waves, suitable for beginners, to stronger ones and barrels for the most adventurous pro-riders the bay has plenty of options for everyone:

“Don-Don” is the perfect A-frame that works best on coming in mid tide. “Inside” is famous for its long right handed perfect for practicing those turns! “Outside” is definitely a more powerful wave, right handed with multiple peaks. “Kids Point¨only works on big swells but when it does it comes with a long nice shaped barrel!

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Surfing logistics in Gerupuk

We not only will help you arrange all the usual traveling items like airport transfers, motorbike rentals, car with driver, excursions, flight tickets, etc. but we will also assist you with all the logistics related to Surfing. We work closely with different boat captains and surf instructors so you can focus solely on having fun! If you need to rent a board or have one hand shaped we have the perfect solution for you!

Banyu Surf Shop works together with us since they started and their boards are truly unique! With famous Japanese shaper Ryosuke Hori and Dutch artist Zee, their epoxy boards are a jewel for surfers!

Shake & Bake bakery in Gerupuk

The Shake and Bake bakery in Gerupuk, is the perfect place to eat or have breakfast in Gerupuk Lombok, while experiencing the real “kampung” life. Enjoy healthy and tasty foods everyday. You can have it on their restaurant while watching the waves and the beautiful Gerupuk Bay, or order for take away.

Located right where the access to go surfing is, provided with Internet connection, they make a great variety of prepared meals such as granolas, yohogurt, cookies, cakes, pizzas, falafel.. It’s worth a visit!

shake and bake bakery in gerupuk